Therapeutic Expertise

Over the years, Concentrics has completed more than 800 studies in a variety of therapeutic categories. While realizing that we are not experts in all therapeutic areas, we possess experience in the following categories:


Gastroenterology   Respiratory
      Constipation         Allergic Rhinitis
      Dyspepsia         Asthma
      Heartburn         Cedar Allergies
Chemical Dependence         Cold/Cough
      Drug Screening         Cold/Flu Symptoms
      Nicotine Replacement         Nasal Allergies
Nutritional Testing         Sinusitis
       Dietary Supplement   Genitourinary
       Fat Substitutes         BPH
       Weight Management         Erectile Dysfunction
Endocrinology         Urinary Incontinence
      Diabetes         Urinary Tract Infection
      Weight Loss   Infectious Disease
CNS/Pain Management         HIV/AIDS
      Analgesics         Cold Sores
      Insomnia         Genital Herpes
      Migraines   Dermatology
      Pain Management         Acne Vulgaris
      Schizophrenia         Allergic Hives
      Sore Throat         Alopecia
      Topical Analgesic         Athlete’s Foot
      Restless Leg Syndrome         Atopic Dermatitis
Women’s Health         Bunions/Corns
      Bacterial Vaginosis         Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria
      Birth Control         Dandruff
      Feminine Hygiene         Diaper Rash
      Female Sexual Dysfunction         Female Facial Hair
      Hormone Replacement         Psoriasis
      Menstrual Dysfunction         Rosacea
      Home Testing Devices         Skin Irritations-Rash
      Toxic Shock Syndrome         Sun Exposure
      Vaginal Yeast Infection         Head Lice
Musculoskeletal         Insect Stings
      Joint Support (brace)         Wart Removal
      Joint Flexibility         Plantar Warts
      Osteoarthritis         Common Warts
      Topical Analgesic   Cardiovascular
Oral Healthcare         Hypercholesterolemia
      Cavity Prevention         Hypertension
      Halitosis         Coagulation Time
      Mouth Sores   Ophthalmology
      Tartar Control         Dry Eyes
      Teeth Whitening         Eye Allergies
        Prostatic Cancer