Business Unit Divisions

Concentrics Research, an IQVIA business (Concentrics), is comprised of 3 Business Units:

Contract Research Organization (CRO):        Indianapolis, IN
Concentrics Center for Research (Site):         Indianapolis, IN
Concentrics Strategy Center:                          Parsippany, NJ


The spectrum of Concentrics’ services is supported by three business units, which are designed to supply needed services at different stages of your program.  We often begin with the Concentrics Strategy Center, where we can facilitate your strategy and next steps in a focused and accelerated approach.  Our Contract Research Organization is then involved in planning and executing your research.  During your active study, the Concentrics Center for Research can provide the facilities for pre-testing of your label comprehension and self-selection studies as well as any clinical studies or device studies.  Together, these business units provide the foundation for accelerating your program!