The Project Manager will work with the sponsor to schedule and conduct a Start-Up Meeting.  The purpose of the Project Start-Up Meeting is to assemble the Concentrics-Sponsor Project Team and to review key timelines, deliverables and issues associated with the protocol.  Proactive planning and discussion are primary keys to success.  As a result of this meeting, Concentrics will prepare a Study Success Plan and several guiding documents.


Study Success Plan©

  • Project Gantt Chart, detailing timelines, deliverables and responsible parties  (updated regularly by the Project Manager and sent electronically to the Concentrics-Pfizer Project Team);
  • Communication Plan, detailing the type(s) and frequency of communications desired by the Concentrics-Sponsor Project Team; and
  • Concentrics-Sponsor Project Team Contact List, listing the names, titles, phone number, fax numbers and email addresses of the key Team members assigned to the project.
  • Agreed Study Status and Summary Report Templates, outlining the status updates at regular intervals throughout the study on key project success indicators.


Patient Recruitment

Concentrics’ success in meeting or exceeding patient enrollment objectives is attributed to our proactive approach.  We use a variety of recruitment methods.  We will create a recruitment plan in advance of your study:

  • Plans customized to protocol and subject population
  • Customized profiling of the target population
  • Multi-method approach to assure successful recruitment
    • Site databases
    • Internet
    • Physician’s offices
    • Primary care clinics
    • Special interest groups
    • Specialized locations based on condition/disease
    • Social media
    • Advertising (multi-media)


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